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Gorgeous, glowing skin — we all want it! Taking care of your skin by removing makeup and washing it every night is vital to achieving a clear, bright complexion, but did you know that your morning routine has a major impact on the health of your skin, too? Make these three small changes to your morning skin care regimen for a healthy glow that lasts.

• Start using a Toner. This is especially critical if you don’t use a toner at night. After washing your face, apply a clarifying toner with a cotton ball.

• Speaking of washing your face, do it! We’re all guilty of quickly rinsing our faces in the shower when we’re running late for work and would rather have time to pick up coffee than go through our full skin care routine, but if you want that healthy glow, take the extra two minutes to wash your face. A gentle cleanser each morning will work wonders for your complexion.

• Give your face a rest before putting on your makeup. A deep sleep can make your skin a little puffy in the morning, and giving your face time to dry after cleansing and toning is ideal. Plan to put your makeup on right before you dash out the door to let your face breathe and avoid caking on too much foundation. Adding a Vitamin Infused Serum to your foundation (a couple of drops will do the trick), will also provide your skin with key benefits and add a natural, healthy glow. 

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