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14 Tips for Your Best Complexion

When making an investment in your beauty regimen, it can be helpful to narrow down all the messaging we hear, and focus on what our skin needs to look its best. Here are 14 tips to help us achieve our best complexion. Read More

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Podcast: Four of a Kind

In this week’s episode, Grace and Michelle interview Nicki Carrea, the founder and CEO of Genuine Glow. She talks about her experience working at a Fortune 500 company and how she applied that experience to building her own company and growing it to a $2M business in...

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Love Real Beauty: Nicky Carrea

Traveling the world for business, Nicki Carrea understood that numbers matter.  Success in a Fortune 500 environment was nice, but the numbers Nicki found more important were “in her face.”  Always interested in beauty and makeup, Nicki Carrea unleashed her...

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I love your products honestly! My skin feels amazing. I normally have really oily skin and with your products it has been under control…that means my hair is less oily too!!! My skin feels so healthy and soft.  And my blemishes have almost completely healed with no new ones formed! I love that they are made from plants, and not chemicals. It’s nice to wash my face and for it to not feel overly dry. When I used the Organic Greens Foaming Face Wash…OMG! I could tell my face was clean for the very first time! And the toner…wow! I was a little skeptical of the serum at first, but after I used it, I was so impressed. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I thought my face would look oily, but it didn’t…. it was soft and silky. I love Genuine Glow – seriously! ~Aja

Oh my goodness! I am in LOVE with all of the products and will be ordering full sizes soon. These are the BEST skincare products I have ever used. I feel like I noticed improvements immediately 🙂 I also have a one-year old who is constantly touching my face and rubbing his face against mine, so these products are perfect for him and me! Sorry for the over-sharing, I’m just super stoked on Genuine Glow! ~Nora

Since I started using Genuine Glow all of my cystic acne has cleared up. Those under the skin pimples that never go away no matter what you put on your face, are gone!

All of my blackheads are gone too!  My skin is dewy. Yes, dewy! This is not a word I thought I would have ever use to describe my very dry skin, but now my skin really does have a glow. My skin looks like it did when I was a little girl and everyone tells me how beautiful my complexion is. After using Genuine Glow I am convinced that the commercial and chemical products I had been using weren’t conditioning my skin, they were stripping it. Lastly and perhaps most amazingly, the dark spots on my face are fading away.  I’m so happy with Genuine Glow! ~Melissa

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