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Creative Reuse Program™

Genuine Glow customers are truly the best! When you use our products, you are not only doing
great things for the health of your skCreative Reusein, but you’re doing great things for the environment as well.

We consider our customers part of the Genuine Glow community. It’s a community of likeminded people who recognize that small, individual actions can inspire and create big change. Our customers make a positive impact through simple actions, sharing inspiration and giving back!

You can keep the good vibes going by either recycling your cardboard shipping and product boxes, or reusing them! Here are some suggestions:


Locate a cardboard recycling center here:


Books, games, pet toys, office supplies, clothing, paperwork and more can all be kept in a cardboard box. Simply use as is, or dress it up with some paint, fabric or tape.


You can cut the cardboard into letters and shapes for kids to play with. Or perhaps cut the cardboard into gift tags, coasters, or furniture sliders (tape can be added for extra reinforcement).


Fill the box with school supplies that can be given to a teacher in your community. Put toiletries and canned goods into the cardboard box and donate them to a homeless shelter, or add pet food and other items to drop off at your local animal shelter.


See our Free to Grow page to cultivate Wildflowers using your cardboard box.

And don’t forget to tag us so we can see (and possibly share) how you are doing great things for you, your community and the world!

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