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We partner with a close network of organic and fair trade farmers who produce the highest quality of herbs, botanicals, seaweed, and clay. We strongly believe that organic ingredients are better for the health of your skin and the well being of your body, while taking far less of a toll on the environment.

Our ingredients are globally sourced, often harvested from their country of origin.

Genuine Glow’s Network of Organic Farmers


Our ingredients are certified:

Organic: We are proud of our stance to use only organic herbs and botanicals, as we believe they are far better for you, your health and our ecosystem.

Fair Trade: We use ingredients certified by the Fair for Life Program, which reviews and monitors the ingredients to ensure all aspects of social responsible are compliant with the program.

Vegan: We use only plant-based ingredients and never test on animals.

Renewable Energy: Our ingredients are manufactured in a facility that has converted to 100% renewable energy by transferring conventional power usage to renewable energy sources. This partnership allows us to contribute to the fight against global warming.

Non-GMO: Any ingredients produced from plant crops that are known to be at risk of GMO contamination receive extra attention to verify their pure herbal composition.

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