About Genuine Glow

As a society we’re aware of the positive benefits that come with healthy eating, but we often overlook these same facts when it comes to what we put on our body.

Our products are formulated with the intention of achieving flawless skin naturally.

Since every product we put on our skin is absorbed into our body, it only makes sense that the healthier our skin care ingredients are, the more beneficial they will be to our skin.

Make Beauty Last

Whether the goal is to treat skin conditions, restore a youthful glow, provide core nutrients to keep your skin healthy, or protect your skin against harmful environmental stresses, there is a Genuine Glow product that can help. Our skin care delivers a sustainable change to the look, feel, and composition of your skin. Our products are pure and powerful; adding key vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that can make a lifelong difference to your complexion and the health of your skin.

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Our Origin

Nicki Carrea - Genuine Glow FounderAfter learning that 60% of what she put on her skin is absorbed into the body within 26 seconds, Genuine Glow founder Nicki Carrea began researching professional skin care products. During this time she learned that the same plant-based ingredients we recognize as good for the body, are equally as beneficial to the complexion when applied topically. After studying hundreds of botanicals and learning how to formulate, she began handcrafting products for herself.

Like many women, Nicki cares about her appearance, values quality skin care and expects to see results. And like the majority of modern women, she also recognizes that wanting to look good and care for our environment, aren’t opposites.

As the first Genuine Glow customer, Nicki was finally happy with her skin and confident in the products she was using. It didn’t take long for others to notice her glow and seek out her beauty regimen. After identifying an underserved market in natural skin care, Nicki left a high-profile position at a Fortune 500 company and founded Genuine Glow.

With an emphasis on classic beauty guidelines, exceptionally well-made products, and a contemporary aesthetic, Genuine Glow quickly gained a loyal customer base in the Southeastern United States. In 2016 Nicki expanded the company, and her vision is now making an impact in all 50 states. Unique features such as the Vitamin Infused Facial Serums, Organic Greens Foaming Face Wash, as well as fun and catchy product names like Day Glow™ and Face Hero™, have helped shape Genuine Glow into today’s Modern Approach to Natural Beauty™.

Protect the health of your skin, and beauty inevitably follows.

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