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There’s a shroud of mystery surrounding Toner in the minds of many people, and it’s high time we pulled back the curtain and showcased Toner in all its glory!


What, exactly, is Toner?

While Toners come in all different colors, they are essentially beneficial liquids that are applied with a cotton ball to the face after cleansing. Their job is to complete the cleansing process. That’s right! Your cleanser is just one skin care product that you should be using to get the dirt, pollution, makeup, and other debris off of your face. While your cleanser should do the heavy lifting with regard to cleaning your face, Toner is able to remove oils and other things that cleansers may leave behind.


Keeping your balancing act on track

In addition to cleansing, Toners are key in rebalancing the pH of your skin. Cleansers are typically alkaline, so it’s important to restore balance after using them. Instead of making your skin do this naturally, which can create an excess of oil, a Toner can quickly readjust your skin’s pH balance.


What other benefits does Toner offer as part of your skin care routine?

The two most important benefits of using a Toner are cleansing your skin and restoring its natural pH balance. But the list of reasons why you should incorporate Toner into your daily skin care routine goes on! Because all Toners have different ingredients, this list can change from one brand to the next. The benefits outlined below are based on the ingredients found in Genuine Glow’s Clarifying Toner.


  • Removal of excess oil
  • Shrinking of pores
  • Prevention of blemishes
  • Brightening and tightening of the skin
  • Healing of the skin
  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Regulation of oil production
  • Soothing of the skin
  • Regeneration of the skin
  • Minimization and prevention of sunspots, scarring, and marking
  • Antibacterial protection


What should you look for in a new Toner?

As we mentioned before, the benefits that a Toner offers depend upon its ingredients. We recommend using a Toner that has a formulation rooted in organic and plant-based ingredients. Additionally, look for a Toner that is not diluted, as this will provide you with a product that’s brimming with the active ingredients your skin needs — and none of the water, fillers, and preservatives that it doesn’t. Remember: this is a product that you’ll be applying directly to your skin. Like your other skin care products, it should be safe and effective.


Want to learn more about Genuine Glow’s Cleansing Toner, visit this page.

You can also check out our Proprietary Formulas to learn the science behind our natural beauty, and see how we create and formulate our products.

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